You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On These Details About Rummy Tournaments

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When it comes to card games, Indian rummy tops the list among card players. In fact, rummy card games are believed to have originated in Spain and Mexico early in the 1880s and subsequently reached India. With time, people have fallen for the 13 cards Indian rummy.

In India, online gaming sites have adopted the centuries-old rummy game on their platforms and coupled it with exciting variants and features. Today, online rummy tournaments are a new favorite of rummy lovers who are benefiting heavily from this particular variant. Tournaments offer lucrative offers and real money prizes to players from all over India. If rummy tournaments are what that tickle your fancy, download the rummy game mobile app now.

In the current lockdown phase, people are taking interests in exploring new rummy skills and earning extra bucks through online rummy tournaments.

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Here is what you might want to know about tournaments

Online rummy tournaments have revolutionized the gaming experience, helping players to gain profit from their skills and time. Rummy tournaments come with a variety of features and promotions to boost your online gaming experience.

In case you have been playing cards with your friends or family offline so far, take time to walk your way to online and enjoy new features of both free and real cash rummy tournaments. You would like to know the exciting, brand new features and highlights of online tournaments. Let us discuss:

Premium rewards and guarantees

The most rewarding feature of online tournaments is the scope of earning money prizes. All top rummy players play hard to win their share of rewards. Besides real cash, some online tournaments offer tangible rewards like flagship smartphones, free tickets to higher-grade tournaments, and even trending gadgets.

Daily or weekly or monthly

Online rummy tournaments can be featured on different times and days of the month. In fact, high guarantee rummy tournaments are held live either on a weekly or monthly basis. If you are looking for a daily dose of exciting activities, there is some good news. Some special tournaments are there, which come with decent guarantees. Keep an eye out on a particular portal's game lobby to keep yourself up with the tournament calendar.

Real cash prizes

Reputed portals also host free rummy tournaments, offering players opportunities to win real cash and other lucrative rewards.

Rummy Dangal: an online rummy game app

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