The Scoring and Strategy of Bing Rummy Explained for the Beginners

In continuation of the previous installment on Bing Rummy, this piece will focus on the scoring system and strategy. When you are getting the chance to play rummy online free, that does not mean the tournaments you are playing won't help you earn real money. Therefore, if you are getting the chance to make real money, it's better to be prepared. What can be considered better preparation than gathering information on the various aspects, including scoring details and strategies for winning the game?

Rummy Card Game

Details of the Scoring System with Examples

As a beginner, you will need some time to get familiar with the subject and grasp the same. If you are aware of the rules of the regular rummy variant, then understanding the scoring system of Indian rummy will become easier. Now, to get to the details:

  • Once a player has melded all 14 cards, they count the points of the cards individually. This count comes from its value, which depends on the card's rank. For instance, the face cards are valued at 10 points each. If you have a hand comprising of cards in the following values, 7, Q, Q, then your total points will be 26.

  • Aces are considered 15 points each. If you have a hand with a 5 and an Ace, your points will be 20. All of these points are added to the player's running score, and if the finishing score is 76 or more, they would be allowed to buy-in for the starting amount of cash. After that, the player will have to score equal to the highest score of 75 or less.

  • If all the other players have scores of 76 or more, then the one with a score of less than 76 will win the game. For example, there are four players, A, B, C, and D. In the first round, they score points in the following manner, 31, 5, 19, and 47, and then in the second round, C is out of the game. The remaining players score 58, 6, and 29 consecutively. After these two rounds, the new total will be 31+58 = 89 for A, 5+6 = 11 for B, 19 for C, and 47+29 = 76 for D. So, bot A and D have 76 or more, and they are out of the game. In the case of Bing rummy, both will be allowed to buy-in. The new hand will be resumed at 19, and it will be the highest score amongst the players remaining in the game.

Strategies that You Should Learn About

In Bing Rummy card game, there are usually three main strategies used for playing and winning the game. They are:

Early Lay

Under this strategy, a player tries to lay down three sets as soon as they can. Applying this strategy means that the player's chances of getting caught with a lot of points reduce considerably. Simultaneously, it creates more opportunities for other players to play.


Players tend to hold off till they can play four sets. Usually, doing so ensures that only two cards are left in the player's hand, and they will get a low score. The problem with this is that two cards cannot create a set, and the player has to play them on melds, either of their own or another player's.


This is the strategy where a player attempts to play all the cards in their hands, i.e., 14 of them in one meld. It is a rare method, but when applied under the right circumstances, the player will get to simply buy their way back. There is no basic difference between catching a player with 74 or 73 scores, but sandbagging gives you the added bonus of catching other players with considerable points. This can even help to win the game.