Knowing How to Play Continental Rummy before You Begin Playing, Learning and Enjoying

Updated: May 20

Suppose you are interested in playing rummy and explore as many variants as possible. In that case, continental rummy will be a suitable enough choice. It is a refined version related to Rumino and considered the forerunner of the whole family of rummy variants. Regarding the How to play rummy, you need to know that the game is played with two packs of cards. The name of the game comes from the fact that this variant I played all across continental Europe. Along with that, the game is played in the US, Mexico, Canada, and South America.

A Little About the History of Continental Rummy

This game was very popular as the rummy variant was preferred by women for their afternoon games before it lost its appeal to another variant called Canasta. Every Continental rummy game's object is to become the player who has the fewest penalty points at the end of all the seven hands. Every player is allowed to draw one card, and the high card deals and all the subsequent deals will be passed to the left. As there are two standard decks involved, there are 2+2 a total of 4 jokers involved in the game. It is also possible to use more than the two standard decks. However, that number will be determined by dividing the number of players by two and then rounding up when required.

The Different Number of Decks Required for Different Number of Players

For example, a 4 player game will require 2 decks, for a 5 player game, 3 decks will be needed, for a 6 player game too, 3 decks will be used. Likewise, for a 7 player game, 4 decks will be required; the same number of decks will be used when there will be 8 players. Each of the players will be 12 cards, and the remaining number of cards will create the stockpile. The jokers and the red-colored Aces are considered wild in this game. If a player draws a card, then they will have to discard one; this is the rule. A set in Continental Rummy will consist of three or more cards, and they have to be of the same face value. It can be three queens or three aces or three sevens.

The Runs and Sets that You Will Encounter

On the other hand, a run will have four or more cards from the same suit but in sequence. If there is an ace in the run, it may serve as the highest or lowest card, but not in the same run. Another crucial aspect that you need to remember is that a run should never contain more than 13 cards. A Continental Rummy game has seven deals or hands, and each of them is different from the others. Each of the hands will have a different opening requirement. For instance, during the first hand, a player opens the game with two sets. The first hand's opening needs will be fulfilled with a minimum of 6 cards; the second hand will require 7 cards, and the trend will continue accordingly.

Knowing About Some of the Crucial Rules and Regulations

Each of the subsequent hands will require one more card for their opening needs till the seventh hand is reached because that one will require 12 cards for opening. Every player will move on to the next hand together, and this will happen whether they went down during the previous hand or not. If a player has gone down and has satisfied a particular hand's requirements, they won't be allowed to create any new sets or runs. During the first hand, comprising two sets, a player won't be allowed to have three sets. If some cards remain in the player's hands, they will only be allowed to play onto the sets and runs that are already established on the table.