How to Use the Wild Cards in the Game of Rummy?

Updated: Jan 5

The game of rummy is an incredibly popular game all across the world. With millions of players turning online to play rummy, it is of no surprise that the game has interesting qualities to win so many hearts worldwide.

There are 52 cards in a standard deck, along with two printed joker cards. Most people that do not know how to play rummy online are unaware of what to do with the joker card either.

The joker is an integral part of rummy, and using these cards in the right way is important. Knowing how to use this card wisely is the first step towards success in the game. As a matter of fact, the joker card is only effective when used with other cards.

At Rummy Dangal, we have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you understand how to best use these joker cards. The next time you play rummy, make sure you practice the rules we discuss here.

Joker Cards in Rummy

There are two printed joker cards in each deck of playing cards. However, in the game of rummy, there are joker cards apart from the printed ones?

So, rummy has two types of jokers: two printed jokers, as well as one designated joker card or wild card. The wild card is set by the players before the play starts, and any card can be used as a wild card.

Use of Joker Card in Rummy

Playing with a wild card makes the game easier. One should have rummy skills to apply in a particular game, and if you get the wild card, you are lucky. The chances of winning in a game increase when you get a wild card during play. Here is how you use the joker to win at the game:

  • Joker card is usually used to create a sequence

  • You can use a joker card to extend a sequence that is already being created

  • You can only use the joker card once during the game

  • It is wise to form a sequence using a joker card with high-value cards in rummy.

  • If one player discards the wild card, no one can pick the card to use it in a sequence

Joker plays an important role in the game of rummy. Using it carefully is the key to success. At Rummy Dangal, you can practice using the wild card in different ways to get better at the game.