Dealer’s Gambit, an Interesting Variation of 500 Rum to Spice up Your Rummy Card Game Online

When you have been playing rummy for quite some time, it is bound to get boring to pursue the same variation repeatedly. You are bound to look for different options, but trying these other versions won't do you any good if you are not skilled enough. Therefore, you will have to look for an option that will be intriguing enough but not that complicated that you keep on losing and lose all your confidence as a player. While playing rummy card game online, you will come across several options, and not all of them will be perfect, but 500 Rum will.

Getting into the Variants of 500 Rum and More

The best part about 500 Rum is that the variation is intriguing. However, along with that, it comes with several variants of its own, which will be enough for honing your skill further. For instance, you will come across a particular variant called the Dealer's Gambit. It is almost similar to a regular game of 500 Rum, apart from a few differences. Knowing about these differences will help you to make better decisions while playing the game. For instance, this variant of Rummy is played with a deck of 54 cards, which means there are 52 standard cards and 2 jokers. There are people who play with 56 cards where they use 4 jokers instead of 2. And in a game of Dealer's Gambit, the dealing always happens in an anti-clockwise manner.

Dealing of the Cards and Usage of the Jokers in the Deck

At the very beginning of the deal, each time one joker gets removed from the pack, and once the shuffling and dealing part is over, the joker is placed face-up at the side of the pack, which is closest to the dealer. This joker is called the "dealer's joker" and can be used at any time during the game, but only by the dealer. It can be blocked by another player's joker, and it cannot be used by the dealer. The second joker within the deck is shuffled with other cards and dealt with them. Once the dealing is over, but none of the players have seen their cards, the dealer will have to nominate the effect of the jokers for that particular hand.

The Actions a Joker can be Nominated for

The dealer can nominate the joker for the following actions:

  • The joker can be used as the wild card in any set or sequence, and it will have the worth of zero points.

  • The joker can be used as a double, and it will double the value of any set. The joker card will be placed in a face-up manner over the meld while the meld is happening. Adding the joker will seal the meld, and further cards cannot be added to it.

  • The joker will be used for splitting the discard pile from either side of the card getting selected. Cards within the inside of the split will be removed and will remain so for the remainder of that hand. The cards outside of the split will be added to the players' hands. The selected card will have to be used immediately by either laying it down in a set or using it on a set already present on the table.

The More Strategic Bits of the Game to Attract Your Attention

Apart from these, the dealer's joker can get blocked, and it can happen at any time when another joker gets placed in a face-down manner over the dealer's joker. This way, the dealer won't use this joker for the remainder of the hand. Jokers will also have zero value if they remain in players' hands until the end of the turn. There aren't any penalties if a player does not use the joker. As a dealer, the use of jokers can be entirely strategical to improve the dealer's position and undermine the position of other players. Because of this point, Dealer's Gambit is one of the most strategic variants of 500 Rum. It often results in long games experiencing significant fluctuation in the score. This is why; some games are limited to 250 points only.