A Detailed Overview of Indian Rummy Card Game – Paplu

Updated: Jan 27

The Indian Rummy, also called the Paplu, is a trendy card game in India that is played throughout India and mainly in Maharashtra. Rummy card game is being played as a pastime by people of all ages in this country. It is the common game for people traveling on a train, retired individuals meeting in the clubs, homemakers gathering together for some parties, etc. The passion for playing this game is that commuters on the train daily spend about 1-2 hours playing this game. Mainly Rummy is played for the smaller stakes.

Rummy card Game Online

Rummy card game is a mind game that requires skills, strategies, and tactics to win the game at the end. Players generally play this game and do not mind anytime to lose some amount of money in the process. As gambling is technically illegal in the country, playing Rummy is discreet. People play this game with friends privately or with tokens instead of real cash or writing the paper's scores. Apart from playing physically, the Rummy is now available online. Various sites provide the opportunity to play Rummy card Game Online.

The Players and Cards Involved In the Game

10 or more than 10 people can play this game; beyond 10 people, it is impossible to practically sit around the table. 6 players can use 2 decks of cards, and the best players in the game use the rest 3 decks. Each deck in the rummy game has 52 cards plus 1 wild card: the joker. Thus, all total 53x3= 159 cards for all 7 or more people involved in the game.

Know About the Deals in Rummy

Every player randomly picks a card from the cards' shuffled deck at the game's commencement. The seating arrangement around the rummy table depends on each card's value. Whoever selects the highest card, choose the seat first. The player who picks the second-highest-ranking card seats next to the first one, and the circle continues like this. The player who gets the card of the lowest value sits to the left of the highest. The lowest cardholder deals first in the game and shuffles the card.

As the game starts, the player sitting left to the dealer draws the card unseen from the shuffled deck of cards placed on the table, putting their face up, and these cards are visible to all. This card is called the joker. All the cards have the same rank, and the other cards that are face up and all printed joker cards are called the wild cards. The player who is sitting towards the left of the dealer then cuts the remaining cards, and the dealer then spreads the cards in an anticlockwise manner. The player seated to the dealer's right gets the first card. 13 cards are dealt with by each player. One card is dealt by face up to start the discard pile, and the remaining stack is then placed down in the center crosswise on top to turn up the joker. It is done to keep the rank of the joker visible.

How to Play With the Cards

The player who is sitting to the player's right plays first, and then the game is continued in a counter-clockwise manner. Each player has to pick up either the top card of the face-up pile or the top rummy card from the face-down pile. After taking the cards, each player has to discard one card from hand face up on top of the discard pile. The game continues until the player has 13 cards that form the valid combination. The player who has the highest number of cards at the end wins.