5 Tips to Win Online Rummy Cash Game

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Online rummy in India has emerged as one of the widely played card games. Some play rummy for sheer fun and entertainment while other play because they are bored whereas now people are playing rummy online game for part-time or regular source of income. There are many tournaments being played online and there is also a great potential to win huge amount of money from rummy. Here are some incredible rummy tips you must follow to ascertain your win in online rummy:

Sort Your Cards in Right Pattern

Sorting your cards in a definite pattern helps in many ways. It gives an idea on which card you need to pick and which one to discard. Rummy platforms have the option of ‘sort’ button which you should use to sort the cards. This way, the cards get sorted based on their suit.

Target for a Pure Sequence

This is another important tip to win. The main target is to form sequences and sets. Most players are tempted to build a set first which is not the right approach. When you finish sorting the cards, the first priority is to aim for a pure sequence. It helps to reduce points at the end of the game. Focus on building other sequences or sets after forming a pure sequence or just try to finish one pure sequence.

Discard or Use Cards Close to Joker

Indian rummy is played with or without Joker. Use it judiciously. The Joker can help you to meld a pure sequence at the beginning of the game. So, discard Joker and the cards close to Joker while melding a pure sequence. Many players are not aware of this tip.

Keep an Eye on Opponent’s Cards

Rummy is a skill based game that requires you to be vigilant all the time. The player should not only be alert about which cards are being discarded, but also watch carefully which cards opponents are picking up. Try to create a mental picture of the possible sequences that your opponents may be melding by observing the discarded cards.

Be Calm and Focused

Rummy is a game that can trigger your emotions and you may get carried away with it. The secret to win the game is to stay calm, focused and composed. Do not wait endlessly or possess no other thoughts that can distract during the game. Believe in yourself and your instincts and come out as a winner.